Expat Dental Care


At Tandartspraktijk The Hague Center you will find a variety of different dental treatments that we perform. From sealing to a standard mouth check. On this page you will find our range of dental treatments.

Dental check-up

One of the most common dental treatments is dental check-ups. During a dental check-up, the dentist checks for cavities and gum infections and cleans your teeth right away. Children receive additional fluoride treatment. If the dentist identifies a cavity or other problem, a new appointment will be made for treatment. The dental check-up takes place once every six months. To examine your teeth even better, the dentist can also take X-rays.

Dental filling

If you have a cavity or are missing a piece of tooth, you will get a filling. These dental treatments repair the tooth. The filling also ensures that the tooth or molar does not inflame or hurt further. There are different types of filling materials. The best known are amalgam and composite.

Oral hygiene check

Going to the dental hygienist regularly is very beneficial. Prevention is better than cure, so we recommend that you visit the dental hygienist at least once a year. During this dental treatment, dental hygienist also provides nutritional advice, removes plaque, tartar, dental deposits, and more.

Pulling teeth/molars

Sometimes it may be necessary to extract a tooth. This dental treatment takes place when a tooth can no longer be saved because it is in too bad a condition. Teeth that are in the way are also pulled. Usually, the dentist is the one who pulls the teeth, but in complex cases, the dentist can refer you to the dental surgeon.


Sealen is één van de tandartsbehandelingen waarbij er een kunststoflak word aangebracht op de tand of kies. De kunststoflak wordt aangebracht op bijvoorbeeld spleetjes tussen de voortanden, diepe groeven en afgebroken tanden. Doordat er in de diepe groeven van de tanden de kunststof lak is aangebracht, is de kies veel makkelijker schoon te maken en worden gaatjes voorkomen.

Root canal treatment

There are several root canals in the root of a tooth. These channels are filled with connective tissue, nerves and blood vessels. This is also called pulp. If this gets infected, a root canal treatment is necessary. The specialist dentists of Dental Practice The Hague Center carry this out.