Expat Dental Care


At Tandartspraktijk The Hague Center you will find a wide variety of different special dental treatments that we perform. From sealing to a standard mouth check. On this page, you will find our range of specializations.

Implantology Treatment

An implant is a replacement for the tooth root. This treatment can only be placed when the jaw is fully grown. If the jaw is fully grown, our implantologist in The Hague is ready to treat you.

Anesthesia Dentist

You no longer have to worry about dental treatment at the Anesthesia Dentist in The Hague. We treat you under general anesthesia, so you will not notice or feel the treatment!

Dental Hygienist

It is important to visit the dental hygienist regularly from an early age. As a dental practice, we believe prevention is better than cure. You can contact us in our practice for an oral hygiene treatment.

Cosmetic Treatments

Not satisfied with the color or shape of your teeth? Do you want a better smile? For this, you are in safe hands at the Cosmetic Dentist The Hague Center! We care about the health and appearance of your teeth