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Your smile is our passion! At Dental Practice The Hague Center, we are ready to ensure that the health of your teeth receives the necessary care and attention, so that you can go through life with a bright smile! Curious about our services? You can make an appointment or view our services!

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We Care About Your Oral Health!

At Dental Practice The Hague Center, we are ready to help you!

Our dental specialists are, of course, extremely skilled in the general care of your teeth. In addition to always up-to-date professional knowledge, our dentists also have various specializations. Would you like to know more about this?

Our Treatments

Dental Checkup

One of the most common dental treatments is the dental check-up. During a dental check-up, the dentist checks for cavities, gum infections and cleans it.

Dental Filling

If you have a cavity or are missing a piece of tooth, you will get a filling. These dental treatments repair the tooth.

Oral Hygiene Control

Going to the dental hygienist regularly is very beneficial. Prevention is better than cure, so we recommend that you visit at least once a year

Pulling Teeth / Molars

Sometimes it may be necessary to extract a tooth. This dental treatment takes place when a tooth can no longer be saved because it is in too bad a condition. Teeth that are in the way are also pulled.


Sealing is one of the dental treatments in which a plastic lacquer is applied to the tooth or molar. The plastic lacquer is applied to

Root Canal Treatment

There are several root canals in the root of a tooth. These channels are filled with connective tissue, nerves and blood vessels. This is also called pulp. If this gets infected, a root canal treatment is necessary.

Why Choose Us?

Caring Employees

We are always on hand to provide you with the most caring assistance.

Modern Equipment

We only work with the latest and most advanced equipment.

Advanced Treatments

Our treatments are always carried out with the best available material.

Experienced Dentists

We only work with the most caring dentists and dental hygienists.